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The news regularly informs us of cyber-attacks or disasters that bring companies of all sizes (SMEs or large groups) to a halt. The industrial accident that occurred in a Strasbourg data center in 2021 highlights the fact that the backup strategies put in place by companies can prove inadequate.To protect yourself from irreversible data loss that could have serious consequences for your company, the best practice in terms of backup is the 3-2-1 rule:

  • 3 copies of your data (at least 2 backups in addition to your production data)
  • 2 different media (at least 2 different storage media)
  • 1 copy off-site: outsourced backup

Outsourced backup is the first step in insuring the life of your data.

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Backup by NFrance

With the NFrance Cloud offer, our customers outsource hosting andoutsourcing of their platform with NFrance, and benefit from free standard backup of their data of their data in our ISO 27001-certified School Principal datacenter. Backups are made daily, and data is kept for 7 days (or 30 days as an option). In the event of data loss, a data restoration service can be provided on request.

With NFrance, secure your information system, whatever the circumstances!
As soon as you place data on your NFrance managed server, it is automatically backed up once with the standard outsourcing offer, twice with the Backup premium offer.

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Backup premium* offer

Maximize your data security with the Backup premium.
Replicate your backups to one of our remote datacenters.

NFrance offers a backup system that perfectly complies with the standard "3-2-1" rule by making3 copies of your data on 2 different media including 1 copy outside the School Principal site, with an outsourced (and/or replicated) backup on a remote datacenter.

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*Offer available for all NFrance Cloud subscriptions.

Integrate your backup strategy into your disaster recovery plan

In the event of an incident, a service interruption can have a major impact on a company's business, even fatal for those with e-commerce activities. More and more companies are therefore implementing a disaster recovery plan (DRP) to anticipate incidents and prevent risks, so as to reduce the impact on their business and get back up and running quickly.

Everything a company needs to know about disaster recovery planning

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We can also help you set up and deploy a simple, controlled disaster recovery plan.
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