NFrance offers WAF (Web Application Firewall) and anti-DDoS protection solutions to deliver more secure, faster and more reliable digital platforms.

NFrance - certifications sécurité
NFrance - certifications sécurité

The NFrance datacenter certified ISO 27001 and HDS

NFrance has obtained ISO 27001 certification certification for its public cloud infrastructure hosting and Services offering, as well as HDS certification certification for its physical infrastructure hosting activities (activities 1 and 2) in its datacenter.

ISO certification guarantees customers the provision and maintenance in operational conditions of hosting infrastructures associated with the School Principal datacenter and network provisioning.
HDS certification enables us to reinforce the security of personal health dataand establishes a framework of trust for customers.

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Precise safety procedures, rules and devices

The standard foundation of NFrance Cloud Pro infrastructures is based on precise security procedures, rules and systems:

  • Daily updates,
  • Configuration checks,
  • Best practice guide,
  • Firewalls,
  • Anti-DDoS protection,
  • Internet flow encryption,
  • Compliance with RGPD

NFrance - certifications sécurité

NFrance sécurité données
NFrance sécurité données

A dedicated infrastructure for mission-critical digital Services

For advanced projects with large volumes and stringent security requirements, NFrance can help you implement a specific infrastructure:
  • Advanced security audit,
  • Secure production release procedures,
  • Application filtering (WAF and IDS),
  • VPN deployment,
  • Configuration reinforcement,
  • Detailed logging.

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