Eco-friendly web hosting

NFrance commits to greener hosting and facilities management services

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Since 2015, NFrance has been committed to an ecological approach in order to reduce the environmental impact of IT. It applies to all our businesses: the provision of hosting services, outsourcing of infrastructure services, the provision of physical space in our datacenter, the management process and the support process. Our aim is to use Resources responsibly, reduce our carbon footprint, cut our greenhouse gas emissions and our energy consumption through the implementation of specific technologies and socio-economic principles.

Our actions to ensureeco-friendly web hosting :

Installation ofcold corridors

The cold corridors installed in our Toulouse datacenter are designed to reduce the number of refrigeration units and cut our energy consumption by 20%.

Moving to the cloud

Densification ofvirtual serverswith growing demand for cloud hosting, enabling better use of Resources to meet real customer needs

Use of energy-efficientenergy-efficient servers

These servers are based on ARM processor architecture, an innovative technology used in cell phones.


D3E components - Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment - are recycled. We work with Easytri, an environmental and social company in charge of processing waste from local businesses.

Custom servers

Get the most out of your equipmentcustomized server constructionto maximize machine potential. Precise management of our business.

Use ofopen source technologies

These are applications that consume less energy applications that contribute toand technological sobriety.

Social issues

Development of telecommuting in order to minimize travel to reduce environmental impact and promote employeeemployee fulfillment.

Pieces of work in progress to strengthen our commitment to eco-responsibility:

  • Building insulation (roof, rooms),
  • Installation of a water recovery tank for misting our Toulouse datacenter,
  • Replacement of inverters with less polluting batteries,
  • Replacing air conditioners with more powerful machines that consume less energy.

Other topics under study include the installation of solar panels and the greening of the building.


As part of our commitment to the environment, we have implemented an ecological policy within our hosting and outsourcing activities, which will reduce both our own ecological impact and that of our customers. NFrance's teams support customers in building and implementing high-performance, sustainable architectures that have less impact on the environment.

Alexandrine DUPIN-JANSONService manager - Project management

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