Evertest: proactive website monitoring

Published on August 30, 2021 by Laure - Updated on 14 mai 2024 à 14H04

Monitoring plays a vital role in guaranteeing a company's web performance. The aim of IT monitoring is to optimize the operation of the information system, while ensuring the availability and performance of IT equipment.

logo evertest surveillance site web
logo evertest surveillance site web
NFrance and Evertest, specialists in website and mobile application performance monitoring, have been working together for over 5 years to provide their customers with high-performance, high-availability sites. Pierre Astruc, Evertest's Technical Director, explains why companies opt for monitoring and how they implement it.

Live monitoring of real data with Evertest monitoring

Unlike many monitoring tools, the monitoring solution fromEvertest monitors the availability and performance performance of web sites and Mobile applications based on real data. It collects measurements from all Internet service providers.

Our monitoring solution takes measurements based on complete scenarios simulating navigation sessions set up by our customers (authentication, order tunnel for an e-commerce site or access to an application's back office). It enables us to study the real path taken by a User from a real access point. Our tool provides a real-time view of site performance and availability.

For example, our solution can study the path of a User located in Caen, whose access provider is Orange. Other solutions on the market generally provide measurements studied from a datacenter.

surveillance monitoring evertest
surveillance monitoring evertest

If the monitoring toolidentifies an anomaly on the scenario to be monitoredour system immediately notifies the customer and the host of the incident detected. Following an alert, the customer and host check the origin of the problem on the site or application. This may involve real alerts in the event of site failureor alerts indicating that the path has been modified (for example, a modification to a button that has not been updated in the scenario).

Thanks to this in-depth application monitoring, incidents affecting performance and availability are accurately identified and quickly resolved.

Videos of monitored routes to help resolve incidents

The User journeys monitored by our monitoring tool are filmed throughout the entire control process. At each control, Evertest generates a video and captures numerous metrics showing everything the monitoring tool robot has seen during the scenario. The video and graphics representing each stage of the scenario help to quickly identify the origin of the problem, and the detailed information gathered helps to quickly analyze the cause of the malfunction or of exceeding a Reply time threshold.

These videos enable our customer and the host to quickly identify the location of a malfunction, which then facilitates the repair process.

résolution d'incidents evertest
résolution d'incidents evertest

Monitoring: an element of reassurance for the customer

The monitoring tool acts as a trusted third party, enabling the customer to check that his User scenario is working. By checking the website's availability and performance in real time, it provides the customer with an additional tool for detecting any malfunctions. If the path no longer works, you need to look for either a modification not taken into account in the scenario, or a problem with the host, or a security flaw that has altered the site. Monitoring is the last line of defence, designed to reassure the customer.