Voile Banque Populaire opts for high availability and secure cloud infrastructure

Published on February 25, 2021 by Laure - Updated on 14 mai 2024 à 14H04

BPCE's Brand Communications Department has renewed its confidence in NFrance to host and manage its new platform dedicated to Banque Populaire sailing events. This was a complex project, due to the technical and security requirements. Benjamin Maître, Head of Sponsoring and Patronage, in charge of the Voile Banque Populaire website, explains how the new platform was set up, offering high availability and enhanced security.

A challenge of safety and service continuity

Banque Populaire takes part in major events such as the Route du Rhum and the Vendée Globe. Its dedicated events web platform voile.banquepopulaire.fr places great emphasis on video, and attracts peak traffic during these events. The group wanted a new, more powerful video solution, and to review hosting as well as facilities management to meet the requirements of the RGPD and the new security standards imposed on the banking sector.

To launch this new platform, the sponsorship team selected several service providers: the Sea Events and Inodia agencies to develop the new media storage distribution tool (videos and photos) and NFrance, their partner since 2015 to operate hosting and facilities management.

Consult the initial project

témoignage voile banque populaire - nfrance
témoignage voile banque populaire - nfrance

A dedicated cloud infrastructure

NFrance has set up a powerful, redundant platform to handle a large volume of resources (data, video) and ensure high-availability service, particularly during major media events.

To meet security requirements, the platform includes astrong and secure authentication systemfor the part of the site offering videos to the media. A solution dedicated to processing and servingvideo content(operated by Sea Events) has also been installed to provide substantial storage space and the technical capacity totranscoding of multimedia data.

And, in order toisolate applications in separate environmentsenvironments, the new platform features acluster infrastructure. This organization guarantees enhanced security and offers the possibility ofeach platform (web and video)(web and video) independently according to the technical needs of each application (e.g. PHP versions).

NFrance was able to ensure continuity of service to meet technical and safety requirements, while respecting delivery deadlines. The team once again confirmed its professionalism on this complex project.

Tailor-made support and successful collaboration with other partners

accompagnement bpce voile - nfrance
accompagnement bpce voile - nfrance
For the project to succeed, it was essential that each service provider met delivery deadlines and worked collaboratively. A team of experts was dedicated to the project to ensure concerted management with the web agencies and the BPCE team.
NFrance supported us proactively, playing a real advisory role. They provided us with quality hosting recommendations. Thanks to the fluidity of their communication and their ability to explain technical aspects in layman's terms, the communications department was able to understand and easily follow all the project's progress.

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