Solutions tailored to publishers and SaaS platforms

Profound changes have led software publishers to switch from a licensing model to a SaaS (Software as a Service) model. In response to this shift towards the dematerialization market, NFrance offers customized support for your Cloud projects in SaaS mode, from construction to runtime.

Your challenges

  • Economy and flexibility of the SaaS model,
  • Guaranteed availability (infrastructure and applications),
  • Security of the offer with data hosted in France,
  • Secure production start-ups.
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éditeurs SaaS - expertise NFrance
éditeurs SaaS - expertise NFrance

The NFrance offer for SaaS publishers

1. Personalized support right from the design stage

The construction of a SaaS hosting offering calls for a wide range of technical, commercial and financial skills. technical, commercial and financial skills..
NFrance offers you personalized support to set up a SaaS model that takes all your requirements into account: cost control, architecture scalability, management agility, management of complex applications, etc..
So you can concentrate on outsourcing your applications and supporting your end customers.

2. Guaranteeing a high level of availability

NFrance can help you choose and set up the right infrastructure high-availability and high-security infrastructure at hybrid cloud or private cloud. To guarantee availability and performance, NFrance implements control tools : application monitoring and load testing with navigation scenarios. They enable you to monitor the performance of your applications and those of your end users, to ensure that your services run smoothly 24/7.

3. Securing your critical applications

End-users and software users have high demands in terms of compliance and compliance and data protection. With NFrance, your data is hosted in state-of-the-art datacenters located in France ISO 27001 certified (one of the most demanding Repositories on the market). What's more, our security experts can help you define and integrate all the security features you need to meet your requirements: SSL, VPN, WAF, anti-DDoS protection, secure backups, etc..

4. Managing and securing production releases

Our experts DevOps/ Linux support you in setting up DevOps processes processes and/or integrating Open Source. These operations aim toindustrialize and secure production releases by optimizing software deployment and streamlining cross-functional project management.

SaaS publishers who work in confidence with NFrance

éditeurs SaaS - expertise NFrance
éditeurs SaaS - expertise NFrance
éditeurs SaaS - expertise NFrance
éditeurs SaaS - expertise NFrance
éditeurs SaaS - expertise NFrance

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