Building a SaaS offering for higher education schools in partnership with Systancia

Auriga is France's leading software publisher for Schooling management in higher education.
By 2023, Auriga will be equipping more than 120 leading schools in their respective specialties (management, engineering, arts and design, social work, military, medical, etc.), including half of France's topdical, etc.), including half of France's top 20 business schools (ESCP Europe, Edhec, IESEG, Audencia, Kedge, MBS, etc.).

" The objective set in concert with NFrance is to build a readable, high-performance and easily deployable SaaS-mode offering for all Auriga customers, whatever their size. "

Assignment needs

In 2018, Auriga called on NFrance to build a SaaS offering.

Indeed, Auriga is facing a strong development of its business with very diverse customers (from a few hundred to several thousand Users). It therefore needed to implement a new business model with simplified and optimized provisioning.

" This hosting project had to meet Auriga's new growth challenges for customers of very different sizes, with limited technical Resources. The offer also had to represent a financial and human gain for customers often in the midst of "digital mutation". The issue of data security was also paramount (hosting in France). "

Besoins Auriga
Besoins Auriga

When Auriga was looking for a hosting partner to offer its customers its Aurion ERP in cloud mode, NFrance was the obvious choice. The transition of our ERP's multimodal architecture to cloud mode was very well managed by NFrance's high-level engineers, with whom we were able to work in close collaboration.

Christophe KerhousseDirector of Services Support & Cloud Hosting at Auriga

Projet Auriga - NFrance
Projet Auriga - NFrance

The project

As part of its SaaS offering, NFrance has set up a layer of shared services in which Auriga deploys its software. Services include a reverse proxy, an application virtualization infrastructure, and an authentication and secure access infrastructure. On this occasion, NFrance became a Systancia partner for its Applidis fusion and Ipdiva products.

The rest of the infrastructure is deployed in NFrance's Cloud Pro.

NFrance enables Auriga to deploy service variants (PRA, VPN, identity federation) to meet customer requirements.

The supervision set up to monitor the solution 24/7 includes :

  • Internal server monitoring,
  • Verification of access to the service via a lifetime URL delivered by an external 1/3,
  • On-call engineers,
  • NFrance, Auriga intervention procedures,
  • In-depth monitoring of applications by Auriga.

Today, 14% of our customer platforms are in production at NFrance. NFrance's agility enables rapid, standard technical deployment of our ERP, while retaining a specific proportion of integration in each customer's IS. As NFrance guarantees a high level of availability and security, we can concentrate on application outsourcing and support, to provide our customers with a high level of "compactness" and added value across the entire processing chain.

Christophe KerhousseDirector of Cloud Hosting & Services at Auriga


Since 2018, the model has been deployed at around 15 Schools. The hosting platforms meet the expectations of the publisher and end users (School Administrators and students): simplified and secure access to the platform thanks to Applidis fusion/ Ipdiva solutions, guaranteed availability of the infrastructure and application software, and ease of deployment of the model.

Key figures

34years in business
120 customers in the higher education and training sector
93% customer satisfaction
780 000users

Key points

  • A deployed SaaS offering SaaS: simplified, optimized provisioning model with dedicated and shared servers. Application virtualization layer (Systancia partnership, Applidis/ Ipdiva solutions),
  • A single interface for simplified, secure access and authentication for all users,
  • Infrastructure availability : 99,70%,
  • 24/7/365 supervision : application monitoring and application on-call,
  • Technical expertise: PostgreSQL, Java, Windows,
  • First customers: Kedge Business School, IN&MA, IESEG, YNCREA Hauts-de-France, Rennes School of BusinessIRIS, ISTC, ...