A hybrid cloud infrastructure for key accounts

Founded in 2005, Webqam is a digital production studio based in Saint Étienne.
The agency offers a wide range of services: website creation, intranet, extranet, web media campaigns, blogs, chatbots, personalized video, social networking and web application development.

" This year saw the arrival of new major accounts for Webqam: Casino, Nestlé, Moët Hennesy and the French National Rugby League. This is an important step in our agency's development. "

Webqam - projet NFrance
Webqam - projet NFrance

Assignment needs

NFrance and Webqam have been working closely together for over 10 years. The digital agency uses a cluster architecture with several dedicated physical servers.

In order to maintain the various PHP versions of all the websites produced by the agency, Webqam wanted to set up a new, even more powerful, flexible and scalable platform.The infrastructure had to meet software base compatibility requirements while offering optimum quality of service.

" This hosting project had to meet the agency's new growth challenges. "

Besoins Webqam
Besoins Webqam

NFrance is always a pleasure to work with. We appreciate their availability, responsiveness and flexibility in meeting our specific needs.

Sébastien NoirieTechnical Director at Webqam

Projet Webqam cloud pro
Projet Webqam cloud pro

The project

NFrance has set up a new virtualized platformcapable of meeting Webqam's new requirements in terms of flexibility, scalability, performance and quality of service.

Simple, rapid deployment of dedicated virtual servers scaled to service continuity for virtual machines: if a hypervisor is unavailable, virtual machines are automatically restarted on another hypervisor, high availability thanks to a clustered cloud architecture.

The human dimension of support is one of the main reasons for our satisfaction. It's great to be able to talk to the same people who know our infrastructure inside out.

Sébastien NoirieTechnical Director at Webqam


The Webqam platform has been deployed on a hybrid cloud infrastructure set up by NFrance teams. This enables Webqam to benefit from a high-availability platform for its web front ends, thanks to the doubling of virtual machines in several versions of PHP.

This feature offers a number of advantages:

  • No downtime in the event of hardware or software failure,
  • Better scalability to absorb peak loads
  • A high-security system foundation, thanks to on-board firewall solutions and tools against DDoS attacks.
  • NFrance has also provided Webqam with a monitoring interface providing performance indicators, application availability and technical infrastructure supervision.

This platform, managed 24/7/365 by the NFrance team, with guaranteed SLA, has exceeded the expected service commitments. Since its commissioning, the new platform has achieved an excellent availability rate of 100%. This highly secure, available and scalable infrastructure enables Webqam to support its key account customers with complete peace of mind.

Key figures

+ Over 14 years experience in web design
45 employees
Top 100 French start-ups in 2015

Key points

  • A single point of contact who knows your project inside out
  • A dedicated telephone support line
  • A guaranteed availability and performance for high-volume sites
  • Outsourcing24/7/365
  • SLA Guaranteed 99.70
  • Actual availability rate100 %