Solutions tailored to web agencies

You want to offer your customers high-quality online services. Availability, scalability and ease of implementation are your ambitions when it comes to offering high-performance digital services to your customers. NFrance supports numerous digital agencies and interactive communication agencies in the hosting and facilities management of their customers' websites and e-commerce platforms.

Your challenges

  • An infrastructure tailored to your business challenges,
  • High availability and security for your hosting,
  • Load resistance for event-driven operations,
  • Need for a reliable, responsive partner.
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Agence web - NFrance
Agence web - NFrance

The NFrance offer for web agencies

1. Advise you on the choice of a tailor-made infrastructure

We work with you to find the technical solution best suited to your business challenges and budget. Choice of a public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud a multisite platform to host hundreds of sites on a single platform, or dedicated platforms for certain customers with specific needs.

2. Guaranteeing a high level of availability

NFrance can help you set up a high availability infrastructure high-availability, high-security infrastructure.. To guarantee availability and performance, our team implements control tools: application monitoring and load testing with navigation scenarios. These enable us to monitor the performance of your applications and those of your end-users, to ensure the smooth running of your services 24/7.

3. Manage your peak loads

To determine the maximum number of visitors and possible malfunctions in the event of load peaks, we suggest you carry out load tests based on navigation scenarios.
To manage peak load periods during sales and marketing operations (Black Friday, French Days, private sales), NFrance can help you set up scalable resources and organizing monitoring during these events.

4. Choose a reliable, responsive partner

From the pre-sales phase onwards, we support you in responding rapidly to your The attendance registers by providing you with a technical and budgetary qualification.
As soon as the infrastructure is in place, we provide you with expertise and agility in managing your projects, while guaranteeing a high level of availability, security and performance.

Web agencies that work in confidence with NFrance

Agence web - NFrance
Agence web - NFrance
Agence web - NFrance
Agence web - NFrance
Agence web - NFrance

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