Groupe Bernard chooses NFrance cloud for new e-commerce site

Published on May 5, 2021 by Laure - Updated on 14 mai 2024 à 14H04

In 2014, Groupe Bernard initiated the creation of its e-commerce website: This website offers the sale of new and used vehicles, as well as car maintenance, repair and trade-in services for its network of 57 dealerships located in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté and Grand Est regions. In 2019, the group has chosen to overhaul its website to offer its Users a more efficient site. Find out how this digital transformation project was carried out by the Bernard Group? Olivier Bal, the Group's Technical Director, talks about the project's 2 key objectives.

Objective 1: A new, more efficient and secure e-commerce site

The first e-commerce site was developed in 2014 using magento 1 software. The group decided to move to an even more professional e-commerce site to develop online vehicle sales.

To develop this new site, the group decided to place its trust in theWebqam agency. To redesign the site, the agency used a Progressive Web App (PWA) to which the Magento 2.3 software software and the "Front Commerce" software brick based on node.js.

Thanks to this PWA, the website brings a more modern image to the group. The site is now optimized for Mobility and can be accessed offline. It provides a better User experience, which should lead to higher visibility and better conversion rates.

Laurène Coulon, digital marketing manager at Groupe Bernard, talks about their collaboration with Webqam and NFrance.

Certifications ISO 27001 et HDS - NFrance
The group has entrusted hosting to NFrance, which has set up a public cloud based ona clustered platform of virtual machines for the various services for the various Services (proxy, web, BDD and cache) to guarantee efficient, secure operation of their website. The redundancy of these virtual machines ensures high availability and facilitates platform upgrades and maintenance operations, keeping downtime to an absolute minimum.

NFrance proposed an architecture that met our performance and availability requirements. Our site is fluid and dynamic, for example, pages load quickly and there are no service interruptions.NFrance's expertise in hosting and facilities management was an important factor in our choice, but what convinced us to work with NFrance was that our data is hosted in a datacenter in France. What's more, proximity and availability were important to us!

Objective 2: Tailor-made outsourcing services

Certifications ISO 27001 et HDS - NFrance

Bernard Group opts for inance service service offered by the NFrance teams.

Right from the start of the project for their new e-commerce site, NFrance provided the Bernard Group with a ticketing tool to quickly and easily report any incidents.
Throughout the project, relations with NFrance have been fluid. When we have support requests, the teams are always very responsive.
From monitoring tools have also been put in place for servers, Services and the website, to manage any malfunctions in advance.

And, in order to work effectively with the Bernard Group and the Webqam agency, NFrance has also opened up a access to the platform. Each party is thus able to provide feedback on the project and monitor its progress.
Thanks to this access, we were able to work efficiently throughout the project, facilitating relations between the various players.

Other Bernard Group digital transformation projects in the pipeline

On March 10, a new corporate website hosted and managed by NFrance went live. The site features all the Group's job offers.
We are also working with NFrance on a project to host our used vehicle application, which enables sellers to reserve all the Group's vehicles online.

Certifications ISO 27001 et HDS - NFrance

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