Why use the hybrid cloud for your business?

Published on March 20, 2023 by Laure - Updated on 14 mai 2024 à 14H04

The hybrid cloud is an IT model that combines both public and private cloud Services. This environment offers companies advantages such as flexibility and the ability to adapt quickly to changing business needs.

It also enables them to keep control of their sensitive data by storing it in a private cloud, while leveraging the public cloud for applications that don't present the same level of risk.

However, to ensure a consistent consistent user experience and optimum data securityconfiguration, integration and management. Configuration enables companies to easily switch between public and private cloudsdepending on their data needs.
cloud hybride
cloud hybride

5 advantages of adopting the hybrid cloud

The hybrid cloud can be used to meet a variety of business needs:

  1. Data security
    Thanks to the hybrid cloud, companies can control the security of their data. The sensitive data can be stored on private servers within the servers within the company, or with a secure hosting provider to guarantee a high level of security. In fact, for customers using NFrance's hybrid cloud, their dedicated servers are hosted in our own datacenter. Other data can be hosted in the public cloud.
  2. Flexibility
    Companies can use the hybrid cloud to extend their existing infrastructure. Public cloud resources are used to meet the company's needs forrapid expansionPrivate cloud resources are reserved for critical applications and sensitive data.
  3. Scalable
    The hybrid cloud enables businesses to manage changing demand for IT resources. This type of cloud also helps you to traffic peaks and sudden increases in workload. workloads.
  4. Cost control
    The use of the hybrid cloud makes it possible to costs associated with purchasing and maintaining an in-house IT infrastructure. infrastructure. As public cloud Resources are less costly, they enable companies to reduce their expenses.
  5. Business continuity
    The hybrid cloud offers business continuity by enabling companies to implement a disaster recovery plan. Companies can use public cloud resources to store their backup data and applications for rapid recovery in the event of a disaster. As public cloud resources can be geographically dispersed, this ensures data redundancy and continuous availability of Services. In fact, companies are using private cloud resources in particular to continue their day-to-day activities during a period of disruption: since private cloud resources can be configured to be available at all times, even in the event of network disruption or other IT problems.

Hybrid cloud at NFrance

For NFrance, the dual skills ofhosting and managed services responds to the growing demand from a large number of our customers for a range of high value-added services, rather than simply outsourcing infrastructure hardware.

With the hybrid cloud, we offer our customers a shared infrastructure, combined with dedicated physical servers, ensuring flexibility in the evolution of their needs in terms of Resources and availability (scalability of our virtual machines and racks).

We support our customers by adapting our solutions to the constant evolution of their digital projects and the business challenges they face.

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